How to delete cookies in Netscape

To enable cookies you will need to carry out the following changes to your browser configuration. These changes will vary depending on your version of Netscape:

Netscape 6.x

  • Go to Tasks at the top.
  • Choose Privacy and Security.
  • Choose Cookie Manager.
  • Choose View Stored Cookies.

Choose Stored Cookies.

Remove any cookie from the list, or remove all cookies.

Netscape 4.x

  • In Netscape 4, all cookies are stored into one file, called Cookies.txt, in the user preferences folder, making them easy to find and delete.
  • The folder can be located by using your file management software to search your hard disk drive for "cookies.txt".
  • These can be located clicking on the start menu in Windows.
  • Then choosing 'Find' and selecting 'Files or Folder'.

  • A 'Find files' box will come up.
  • In the 'Name & Location' box type the file name 'Cookies.txt'.
  • Click search.
  • Then click on 'Cookies.txt' in the bottom box so the file name is highlighted.

Go to file in 'Find files box' and select delete from the list and delete the file.

Users of Netscape 4.x may also stop cookies from being written to the hard drive, by making the cookies file read only. However, even if the browser can't "write" cookies to the hard drive, it can still cache them, and it may create a new cookie file.