Data Protection and Confidentiality

Personal Data We Collect

During the recruitment process we may ask you to provide information, we may record other sources of information about you (e.g. feedback from recruiters), and we may infer or derive other data (e.g. determine your location from your postal code or count up the number of languages you speak). The types of collated information may or are likely to include:

          Personal Details

  • Such as name, e-mail address, home address, phone numbers and CV details.

          Evaluation Data

  • Information provided by other people involved in the recruitment process about your suitability for employment and your status within the recruitment process.

          Your feedback on the recruitment process

  • Optional information provided by you about your views on the recruitment process.

          Special Requirements

  • Optional information provided by you e.g. medical needs, dietary requirements, disability, dyslexia etc.

          Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Information

  • Gender, Race, Religion, Veteran, Disability, or other diversity information

How We Use Personal Data

Personal details are used to communicate with you during the recruitment process and by way of background information for the Authority, provided by you, in connection with your application.

Evaluation data is used to record our assessment of your suitability for jobs that you are being considered for and your status within the recruitment process.

Your Feedback data is used by us to improve the recruitment process for future candidates.

Special Requirements data is used by us to make accommodation in the recruitment process for any needs you may have.

EEO Information is used to monitor the recruitment process to ensure our recruitment practices are fair.

We may aggregate your data with other candidates’ data in reports to help us monitor, improve, and plan our recruitment activities. These reports will not include personally identifiable information.

Length of Time We Retain Your Data

We keep personal data only for as long as required for the purpose for which it was collected. This will depend according to the circumstances and the legal basis on which it was collected.

In exceptional circumstances and subject to your agreement, your information could also be processed in relation to other roles that may also be appropriate for you, which would be considered as new application(s). The information you submit will be passed to the relevant area for their consideration once you have agreed to this process.

Reasons We Share Personal Data

Occasionally third parties may provide IT storage services to us. In those circumstances, those third parties shall be required to enter into a confidentiality agreement on no less stringent terms than contained in this privacy statement and to process your data solely in accordance with our instructions.
We do not sell, rent, and trade your personal data.

Your rights: How to Access and Control Your Personal Data

The data controllers of personal data we process for your application are the UK Intelligence Services – GCHQ, MI5 and SIS. More information on how they process your personal data, and your rights, can be found on their respective websites, linked to above:

As joint data controllers they will have arrangements in place to deal with any enquiries you may have regarding the processing of personal data. If you wish to do this, contact which service is the most relevant e.g. if you are applying for a post at GCHQ, contact GCHQ.

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