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GCHQ is offering an exciting opportunity to be a Maths and Cryptography specialist, tackling unique, complex and ever-changing problems and applying mathematical thinking to protect the UK.  

Our mathematicians work collaboratively in multiskilled teams to solve varied and interesting problems, using analytical skills and a broad range of mathematical approaches, including, but not limited to, algebra, probability, number theory, statistics and optimisation. Supported by mentors you’ll soon become a maths and cryptography specialist, producing innovative technical capabilities, often using some of Europe’s most powerful computers to deliver world-class knowledge and expertise, and influence decisions made by government agencies. You’ll work in areas including cryptography and cryptanalysis, network exploitation, cyber security, data science, machine learning, mathematical modelling and many more.  

We welcome applications from candidates with any degrees that have significant mathematical comment, including (but not limited to) mathematics, computer science, statistics and physics.  An interest in technology and / or experience in programming is desirable but not essential.  All new recruits will have access to substantial training.  For all positions, we are looking for candidates who demonstrate mathematical curiosity, an enthusiasm for problem solving and a willingness to learn new skills.  

You'll need to be a British Citizen (dual nationality is fine in many cases) and have lived in the UK for at least 9 years. Full details of our nationality, residency and security requirements can be found here.

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