Arabic Language Specialists Register of Interest Ref. 1773

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As an SIS linguist we need you at the heart of an operational team to sift foreign language material, extract any intelligence and present it in an English-language format that can be shared internally and with readers across Whitehall (our “customers”). You will form a close relationship with your team to ensure you stay up-to-date with the evolving requirements against which the foreign language material is analysed.

In addition to a fulfilling and rewarding career you’ll be working in a structured environment that offers extensive support, ongoing professional development and peer review and opportunities to further your language expertise, there are also training and networking opportunities in the other agencies.

You will use your language(s) in many different ways, such as conducting online research, teaching or providing cultural advice to colleagues. Linguists also interpret both in the UK and overseas, facilitating anything from informal one-to-one discussions to full-scale formal meetings.

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